Heidelberg Westarkaden

A 175 kWp photovoltaic system was completely planned and implemented by ADLER Smart Solutions for the development of a district quarter in Heidelberg (PV obligation for new buildings in Baden-Württemberg). The client was the property development company ‘Unmüssig’, the owner is Quantum.

In the second step, ADLER took over the photovoltaic roof system as an investor and also operates it in the long term. This model is very interesting for a large number of project developers who are obliged to integrate PV due to the obligation to build new buildings, but have no interest or know-how in operating a PV system.

Holiday house in Heiligenhafen

Photovoltaics can be so beautiful!
Directly at the beautiful beach of Heiligenhafen, our ADLER team completed a solar installation with an output of 19.95 kWp at the beginning of March 2021. It will supply the cosy holiday home with clean energy in the future.

  • Installed capacity: 19.95 kWp
  • CO2 savings: 8,335 kg/year
  • How much euros the system generates over its lifetime: 39901.22 €
  • Until when the system has paid for itself: 13.3 years
  • Return on investment: 11.75

Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH

Shell has been present in Germany since 1902. Today, around 3,600 employees ensure that more than 1 million motorists can refuel their vehicles every day at over 1,900 Shell filling stations in Germany.

Adler is currently building 40 fast-charging points (DC High Power Chargers) in Hamburg, Berlin and Schleswig-Holstein on behalf of Shell.


Combi-Markt in Esens

On behalf of Bruns Holding GmbH & Co. KG, ADLER Smart Solutions planned and installed a solar power system at the Combi Markt in Esens.

  • Installed capacity: 300 kWp
  • CO2 savings: 165,470 kg/year
  • How much euros the system generates over its lifetime: € 211,937.22
  • By when the system will have paid for itself: 12 years
  • Return on investment: 5 %
Photovoltaik Dachanlage