We Will Develop Your
Roof-Mounted Solar Plant

From a size of 1 MWp or

We Will Lease Your Roof Area

from an area of 5,000 m2

In the present time, with the legal and political changes that are occurring, we believe one thing: energy autonomy is the goal!
To this end, we will support you in finding the right concept for your previously unused roof area.

Ever greater numbers of companies and production hall owners are deciding to fit their roofs with solar panels, thus benefiting from the many advantages this brings. Get the energy you need right now from your roof, take a step with us towards independence in our electricity supplies and lower your energy costs over the long-term: Your solar plant will provide you over the 20 years following its establishment with cheap electricity at easily calculable prices.

A Long-Term Investment For
The Energy You Need Now!

Advantages for the owners of roof-mounted solar plants

  • Lowering your energy costs
  • Ensuring long-term returns (attractive remuneration for feeding into the grid)
  • Promotion of the energy transition with self-generated green electricity and improvement of your brand image
  • Compliance with and support for current and future EEG regulations
  • Independence from rising electricity prices

Potential Usage & Operational Models For Roof Areas

Alongside classic roof leasing agreements, we offer further usage models so you can draw up the right energy strategy for you. You can invest in the solar farm on your roof and use the electricity yourself or feed it into the grid; or you can purchase the electricity from the operator of the solar plant without the EEG levy. Contact us – we will find the right solution for you. More information can be found here:

Model 1

  • You, the owner, commission us
  • We plan, develop and realise your plant
  • You, the owner, invest in and operate the plant
  • You use the electricity for your own needs or feed it into the grid for a fixed remuneration

Model 2

  • You, the owner, lease us the roof
  • We plan, develop and realise the plant
  • We invest in and operate the plant
  • We provide you or your tenant with cheap, green electricity

Model 3

  • The owner and ADLER found an operating company together
  • We plan, develop and realise the plant
  • The owner and ADLER share in the investment costs and the profit
  • The tenant benefits from cheap + green electricity
  • There is also the option to involve the municipality

Ask for a non-binding offer right now for us to assess your roof-mounted project.

    Step 1

    1. Age and condition of the roof?*

    Step 2

    2. How big is the area to be covered?

    Step 3

    3. What is your power consumption?

    Step 4

    4. Do you want to use the generated electricity yourself if possible?

    Step 5

    5. Would you like to link your PV system with electromobility?

    Step 6

    6. In what time frame should your PV project be implemented?

    Step 7

    7. Plant location (street, zip code, city)

    Step 8

    8. Contact details

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    How Our Projects Go

    We offer you the ability to increase your profits sustainably and constantly using the right roof-mounted plant concept. We look after the complete project planning from concept creation through planning permission to installation and starting to provide electricity to the grid.

    1. Project design with cost listing

    The concept includes a non-binding offer incl. a list of costs, plant layout and economic assessment.

    2. On-site meeting to clear up the final technical matters

    3. Execution

    Once the approval phase is over and the EEG contract has been presented, we can start building the plant. We will commission and manage the entire construction.

    4. Fine adjustment incl. grid compatibility test

    In order for you to be able to profit from self-generated green electricity in the future, we need to carry out a grid compatibility test to be submitted to your local grid operator. For existing buildings, we also need to carry out a statics evaluation and certify your roof-mounted plant.

    5. Binding offer for our services

    6. Assembly & installation of the roof-mounted plant

    7. Approval & commissioning of the energy solution

    8. Operational management


    According to the EEGs, there has been a demand since 2014 for the annual construction of 2.5 gigawatts of solar production capacity in Germany.

    All large solar plants or other plant structures of over 750 kW need a tendering process – the volume of this sub-section is 600 MW. The tendering process is carried out by the Federal Network Agency three times per year.

    Feeding Into The Public Grid

    There are further options if your plant produces more electricity than is needed – you can feed it into the public grid.

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