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Solar energy has enormous potential

It is an inexhaustible source of power that costs nothing to use. The carbon balance of photovoltaics is excellent – the amount of carbon that a solar installation saves over its entire lifetime exceeds the amount of carbon that is generated during its production many times over. As a result, this form of energy generation has a key role to play in climate protection and in reducing greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment. 

What’s more, the energy is often generated where it is needed:
Decentralised for direct and clean use on site.

The five advantages of PV electricity for businesses and real estate at a glance:

Photovoltaic advantages
Electromobility and solar power

Photovoltaics significantly reduces carbon emissions

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Use PV systems to comply with applicable regulations for new construction projects

The solar building obligation is being introduced in individual municipalities, cities and entire federal states to promote the installation of photovoltaic systems to combat climate change. For example, PV systems are expected to be installed on all new non-residential buildings in Baden-Württemberg from 2022. Plans are already well advanced in Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin as well: In Hamburg, solar energy will be mandatory for new buildings from 2023.

Some cities and municipalities are already setting strict requirements regarding climate protection and energy efficiency in tenders for new construction projects, while the integration of solar energy is becoming unavoidable for the successful realisation of projects.

An optimally designed PV system in the initial planning phase ensures that applicable regulations and climate protection requirements can be met.

Our range of services in the field of photovoltaics

From individual services to a complete sustainability strategy

Our customers can also request individual services in addition to our complete range of services from consulting and project planning or investment and funding advice through to optimised purchasing, complete project management as well as long-term technical and commercial management. If requested, we can take over the entire PV project from the first step to long-term operational management.

In addition, we offer to undertake the investment and can advise on current and different investment and operator models.

Our four project phases at a glance

From bid proposal management to taking over long-term operation and maintenance contracts, we are well known for a reliable and proven full-service offer.

Although the phases build on one another, they can be requested in a modular fashion at any time and can be obtained individually.

On request, different offers can be obtained and compared in the EPC area in order to achieve the most cost-effective result.

We are also your contact partner for funding opportunities, financing and operator concepts, combinations involving electromobility or storage systems, cloud solutions and the feed-in of green electricity.

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Request a non-binding offer for the calculation of your PV project now.

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    Our references

    Solar power and storage technologies

    Optimising sustainable energy generation through storage technology

    To compensate for the problem of fluctuating availability of energy from photovoltaic systems or wind turbines, efficient and powerful storage solutions are required. This means that unused energy can be fed into the grid at a later time and is not lost.

    Electricity storage systems based on electrochemicals are ideal for balancing electricity supply and demand, as they optimally compensate for voltage fluctuations. Their ability to cope effectively with charging and discharging cycles also allows them to be used in mobile applications. In smaller units, we are familiar with them, for example, as batteries in smartphones and laptops. Larger units offer the potential for optimisation along with extremely interesting application scenarios. For instance, the batteries of an e-car fleet can be used as electricity storage.

    ADLER Smart Solutions is constantly exchanging information with leading research institutions and industry. This means that you benefit from the latest and most efficient storage solutions on the market.

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